Luca Nicholas, @VISIONS


Triple Axel by Luca Nicholas


5 November – 5 December 2020


Visions, 10 Lorne St, Level 9, Auckland


Visions is proud to represent Luca Nicholas (b. 1997). Luca’s practice centres on printmaking and the exploration of queer experiences. He seeks to foster belonging, creating work ‘driven by pathos, humour, and care’. His enthusiasm for printing relates, in part, to the ‘embrace’ at the heart of the process: the meeting of paper and plate between the rollers of the press. Triple Axel, his first solo show, features pieces produced using a range of techniques, including etching, screenprinting, chine collé, and monoprinting.


The small gallery at Visions features four etchings that depict interior spaces populated by books, plants, posters, and screens. The works are rich in texture as well as detail, building on Luca’s longstanding interest in the ways in which we construct our most intimate environments—for ourselves, and for those we might choose to share them with. Made in 2018, the prints have taken on a renewed relevance in the era of COVID-19.


More recent pieces in the large gallery concentrate on the urban outdoors. Screen prints on velvet reproduce photographic images of a gate and hedge. A series of etchings on mulberry paper show items of kerbside detritus directly incorporated into the printing process. Three monumental works combine accumulations of refuse with gestural marks. The images slip between copy and confection, hinting at specific and personal experiences submerged beneath the traces.


Luca holds a Master of Visual Arts degree from Auckland University of Technology. He recently won the Ruth Davey Merit Award at the 2020 New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award for his etching hyper-ballad (2020).


Luca Nicholas.

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