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Loewe encourages you to start sniffing beetroot and more

Written by Sara Black

Photography Supplied

I know you’ve been dreaming of a beetroot-based room spray and I know where you can get it.

Beetroot, coriander and (luscious) peas are no longer bound to the confines of the kitchen. Has the world gone mad? Well, yip, but there’s also been some food play happening by Jonathan Anderson, Loewe’s creative director.

Perhaps due to an enforced new-found love of his garden, Anderson has conjured up some earthy new scents to keep us all feeling grounded in the form of room sprays, candles, wax candleholders, and rattan diffusers.

The man obviously has good taste, having been awarded both womenswear and menswear designer of the year at the British Fashion Awards, but how does his nose stack up?

I can’t actually comment on that but I do know he turned to Loewe’s in-house perfumer, Nuria Curellas, to create a collection of raw, plant-based essences. Beetroot, coriander, cypress, honeysuckle, ivy, juniper berries, licorice, luscious pea, marijuana, oregano and tomato leaves have all gone through an extrapolation process to create some unusually green scents.

Pop 3 September in your time-to-treat-yourself-to-a-new-home-scent calendar and sit tight for a low-impact packaging materials parcel of beetroot in liquid form.


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