Levi’s introduce a buyback initiative and satiate the most dedicated of denim enthusiasts

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography Supplied

Get your hands on a pair of perfect-wash Levi’s, sans the lengthy rigmarole of creating the worn-in look.

The process of wearing in a pair of jeans can be a long and tedious one. Even the most dedicated of denim enthusiasts don’t want to go through months of either not washing their jeans, wearing them in the bath or partaking in any other arduous method of achieving the perfect wash. It’s a lot easier to let someone else do the hard work for you; just buy and wear.

Some 10 years ago, A.P.C. launched their butler denim programme, a recycling initiative for their much-loved raw denim that provided a solution to those of us wanting the perfect level of wear in our jeans. Now it’s the turn of Levi’s but with a very different motive.

Levi’s have been at the forefront of seeking out ways to make their business more sustainable and a big player in reducing water usage in manufacturing. And they’ve just launched a buyback programme where you can bring in your worn denim in return for a gift voucher. The secondhand jeans are then sold on to denim lovers seeking an easy solution for that perfect set of whiskers, via a dedicated website.

The iniative is currently only available in the US but, with the promise of reducing approximately 80 per cent of  CO2 emissions and 700 grams of waste (compared to the manufacture of a new pair of jeans), Levi’s secondhand could be rolled out globally sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, we suggest you ready your YouShop account.


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