Levi Strauss & Co create a very green jean

Written by Sara Black

Photographed by Adam Bryce

Modelled by Sisi Duncan from 62 Management

Levi’s collab with Re:newcell on a breakthrough material made from worn-out jeans.

More than five years in the making, Levi’s launch some incredibly green jeans to slip into your wardrobe rotation.

Levi’s Wellthread (the Levi’s research and development lab) and innovation company Re:newcell have been sciencing away behind the scenes, crafting their most sustainable jean to date with a breakthrough material made from worn-out jeans. Circulose is a dissolving pulp product that’s made from discarded cotton textiles.

How does it work? Re:newcell re-purpose discarded denim and break them down in water. Colour is stripped and synthetic fibres are removed, leaving a slurry-like mixture which is then dried into a sheet form. Organic cotton is added into the mix and, hey presto, you’ve got Levi’s Wellthread Recycled Denim.


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