Level up your lockdown life, literally

Written by Adam Bryce

Up-skilling is something we all know we should do regularly but, in the normal hustle and bustle of life, it’s easily forgotten. Now that some of you have plenty of spare time on your hands, check out our level up recommendations.

Digital Marketing with Drew Elliot

Drew Elliot is the man who #broketheinternet. The man behind that iconic image of Kim Kardashian resting a champagne glass on her most prized possession. The effects of this image on the internet were no fluke though, Drew Elliot is a digital content genius. Business of Fashion are giving us a chance to learn from the man himself, here.

Fashion Styling and Image Making with Lucinda Chambers

Becoming a stylist isn’t easy. Years of assisting and a whole lot of hustle, just for a chance of becoming the next iconic fashion editor of your time. It’s not the sort of topic that you can do a short course on and next week you’re working at your favourite fashion magazine, but learning from Lucinda Chambers could be your best bet at propelling your career forward. Business of Fashion are giving you that chance, here.

Understanding Fashion: from Business to Culture

The French Fashion School IFM (Institut Français de la Mode) is offering a free online course entitled, Understanding Fashion: from Business to Culture. The course title itself suggests a lot and with the exclusive input from designers such as Simon Porte Jacquemus, Christelle Kocher, Paul Smith and CEOs of Chanel, LVMH Fashion Group, Saint Laurent and Hermès, it’s likely to live up to its billing.

Sarabande Sessions

Alexander McQueen’s name might be one of the most revered in the history of fashion but his path to success wasn’t a simple one. The late McQueen set up the Sarabande Foundation to help bolster creativity and support visionary talent. Sarabande are bringing their renowned series of lectures on the arts, The Sarabande Sessions, free of charge. Take a look at the schedule here and set reminders to make sure you don’t miss any of these great opportunities.


Masterclass isn’t something new, nor specific to this isolation period in but there’s no doubting the potential learning opportunities from this format. Portrait photography with Annie Leibovitz, fashion design with Marc Jacobs, design and architecture with Frank Gehry, creativity and film with David Lynch, writing with Malcolm Gladwell or Margaret Atwood. The list goes on. We’re not sure if it’s specific to the crisis we find ourselves in but they have discounted their courses, making it an even more enticing prospect.

Masters of Photography

Photography is a career that needs constant up-skilling to stay on top of your game. Masters of Photography have great course with Albert Watson and Steve McCurry on offer but also a whole heap of free films and lessons.

Seeing through Photographs with Sarah Meister

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is offering a number of great courses which they have made available for free throughout this time. Our pick of the selection is Seeing through Photographs, a course teaching skills to better examine and understand the differences between photographs and photographic images and much more. The course is taught by Sarah Meister, the curator of photography for the MoMA.

Get Daily Art

For those who don’t want to commit to an intensive course and want something a little more light-hearted, download Get Daily Art on your phone. The app sends you a famous piece of art each day with a short teaching about this work. At the very least it might impress your friends next time you make a museum visit.

Learn to Code with Bill Gates

There’s no denying how important learning code is these days — a skill that’s probably applicable in more roles than you think. Bill Gates breaks it down in such a way that makes it easy for anyone to understand, here.


The famed German camera maker have launched a #stayathome specific education programme. The programme includes Instagram Live interviews with renowned photographers, virtual meet-ups hosted by Leica stores and weekly Instagram photo challenges designed to nurture your passion for photography while locations and subjects are under restriction.

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