Quit rubbing basil on your face and use Le Labo instead

Written by Adam Bryce

While it was their personalised service of bottling which initially impressed, it’s the quality of the product and attention to detail that made me a die-hard convert.

Founded in New York with worldwide-sourced ingredients, Le Labo garnered a cult-like following straight out the gate when they debuted in 2006. This week, they’ve done it again, releasing two new basil-infused skincare products.

The Facial Cleansing Oil, formulated with plant-based ingredients, contains a rich blend of marula, argan and olive oils to gently cleanse and moisten at the same time.

And the Face Lotion is a lightweight, nourishing and hydrating cream is a blend of chamomile, shea butter and apple extract. Cleverly, the basil is paired with verbena (a citrusy and vegetal alternative to most aromatic notes) which increases each facet of basil.

Currently available through their website, keep your eyes peeled for local Le Labo stockist, MECCA, to include this indulgence in their offerings.


le labo

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