Laura Duffy, @ENJOY


Laura Duffy


18 September – 24 October


Enjoy Contemporary Art Space, 211 Left Bank, Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington


For !ERROR!, artist Laura Duffy has invited artists to dance in front of a green screen set up, and transported them to another, limitless, realm.

!ERROR! brings together a variety of footage and experiments across multiple screens in a darkened gallery. Utilising low-fi animation, digital glitches, failures and data points to distort bodies in space, Duffy has developed a series of dancing digital portraits.

Together, they pursue a queering of technology and an immersive space where desire, pleasure and friendship is celebrated. The project aims to explore forms of agency and anti-normalcy that may be derived through concealment, opacity and intimate, queer-specific spaces.

The moving-image work is accompanied by a soundtrack by producer, singer, visual artist and designer Strange Stains, developed specifically for !ERROR!.


!ERROR!. by Laura Duffy, 2020.

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