KIDS, the iconic 90s flick is now free for all to watch

Written by Adam Bryce

Larry Clark’s film of a generation has been made available by the brand of a generation.

New York’s icons of streetwear, Supreme, have released Larry Clark’s iconic and infamous 1995 film on their website for free. The film that launched the careers of the likes of Chloë Sevigny, Leo Fitzpatrick and Rosario Dawson, written by a then-unknown Harmony Korine and directed by the legendary Larry Clark, was a raw look at a group of teens living in New York in the 90s. The storyline and explosive nature of the film shocked audiences and critics when it was released, and some 25 years on, the subject matter still feels controversial. However, it wasn’t the storyline that made the film as cult-like as it has become, but rather its honest depiction of the city at the time.

KIDS was famously made with very little budget and the stars of the show wore their own clothes, with the likes of Sevigny and the late Harold Hunter becoming style icons of a generation. Supreme had opened their doors less than a year before the film came out and had already become the unofficial home of cool kids in downtown New York, and the result meant Supreme was naturally heavily featured in the film. Since KIDS, Larry Clark and the main cast (Harmony Korine, Chloë Sevigny, Leo Fitzpatrick, Harold Hunter and Justin Pierce) have all collaborated with the New York skate label in different ways with the connection between the film and brand being authentic beyond that of almost any brand relationship. While Supreme may have been adopted by a whole new generation with very different values in recent years, James Jebbia’s brand has itself always stayed true to its values and way of being. While other brands scramble for content to fill the need for digital engagement during this unique time, Supreme are able to just sit back and release one of the most iconic films of all time and it just makes sense.


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