Justice for George Floyd

Written by Adam Bryce

Justice for George Floyd is not an American justice issue, it’s a humanitarian issue and we must all play a part in putting a stop to racism.

By now, you would have seen the harrowing video circulating the internet that shows Minnesota policeman Derek Chauvin committing the murder of George Floyd — an unarmed, handcuffed, black man. The event is just the latest instance of a black person dying at the hands of police.

As of 30 May, the news broke that the four police officers involved have been fired and Derek Chauvin has been charged with murder. But, subsequently, new video footage of extreme and unprovoked behaviour by the police has been captured and shared, this time against the protestors on the streets of Minnesota.

The crime has created global outrage resulting in a change.org petition, calling for the other four participating officers to be charged with murder. It has received near six million signatures in a few days, making it the fastest-growing petition in the history of the social change platform.

Although the officers actions have been reprimanded, the petition is still active and still incredibly important as it calls for legal action against to be brought upon the remaining police officers. It’s also a symbol of the need for change, not just in Minnesota nor just in regard to this crime but for global change towards challenging racist attitudes across the world.

This petition isn’t only about finding justice for George Floyd but potentially a hopeful starting point to instigate a changing mindset the world over.

Sign the petition: here.

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