Just my type, thanks Emigre

Written by Sara Black

Emigre Fonts, the independent digital type foundry that brought us delights such as Mrs Eaves, Dogma, NotCalson (in joke) and Platelet, have decided to do something rather lovely and hugely educational, and publicise their Letterform Archive online.

Born in 1984, smack-bang on time with the unveiling of the first Mac computers, Emigre was founded by husband-and-wife team Rudy VanderLans and Zuzana Licko in California. Despite being rubbished by design legend Massimo Vignelli (“typographic garbage factory”), the foundry also subsequently published the successful Emigre magazine, an outlet to showcase some of their most cutting-edge fonts.

Dig deep and explore their near-1,500 iconic objects and 9,000 hi-fi images from the collection. Immerse yourself within the pages all 69 issues of Emigre magazine, read their extensive notes on each entry and, should you be in the position to, make a one-off donation in aid of creating a physical location for Letterform Archive’s non-for-profit centre. Thanks for the beautiful distraction, Emigre.

emigre fonts
emigre fonts
emigre fonts

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