Myriorama 11 by Julia Morison


Julia Morison


Now – 27 August


Sumer Gallery, 3 Waihirere Lane, Tauranga. 


Myriorama: a Victorian parlour game consisting of 16 to 24 pictorial cards of scenes with a horizon line that was consistent throughout. The cards could be assembled in a line, in any multitude of configurations, to create a panorama landscape (the possible configurations numbering in the millions).

Taking inspiration from the game, Julia Morison’s Myriorama is a series of paintings, each of which are constituted of a sequence of interlocking panels. Like the game, with its horizon, these panels also feature uniform lines, which allow for one image to seamlessly connect to the next. At points the lines arc 90 degrees, changing direction upward or downward; or fold back upon themselves, enveloping and creating a terminal point.

Christchurch-based artist Julia Morison is a leading figure in New Zealand art. Over the past four decades she has built a significant body of works which draw on a range of esoteric knowledge systems, including the Jewish Kabbalah, number symbolism, Hermeticism and Surrealism. From these eclectic reference points, she devises methods of ordering and combining materials, images and symbols to recode their various connotations.


Myriorama: EIBIEXIO​ (detail) by Julia Morison, 2008.

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