Jasmin Sparrow kick jewellery nostalgia up a notch

Written by Sara Black

Imagery by INDEX CORP

Jasmin Scott, Jasmin Sparrow’s founder and creative director, gets sentimental with her new collection.

Jasmin Sparrow burst onto the New Zealand jewellery scene in 2016 to much applause. And, with a concerted effort to create “style with empathy”, their focus is design-led with a healthy dose of ethics.

2020 delivers a new collection, entitled COCO, and designer, Jasmin Scott, takes a treasured approach to the just-released range with an archival ode to pieces past. The concept lies in intrinsically linking the new collection to those gone before, all of which have been designed with the desire to create sentimental classics.

The result? COCO is all classic hoops, baroque sea pearls, ethically sourced quartz, signature motifs, recycled metals, sculptural moments and sparkle.

Go magpie on the collection and, while online, take a moment to explore their journal — an intimate insight into inspiring women and their heirloom stories.

jasmin sparrow
jasmin sparrow
jasmin sparrow
jasmin sparrow

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