Isha Irazu (No Need For Doctors) by Kota




5 – 19 August


Public Record, 76 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland


Kota brings together a series of works introducing the plant ‘Isha Irazu’/ Aloe Vera as a means of connecting to notions of balance, healing, and repetitive process in real and symbolic terms. The processes of skinning, filleting and drying ‘Isha Irazu’ is the main focuses of the works. Kota will be performing these ritualized actions on the opening night alongside with a series of sculptures and paintings.
His practice brings together selected natural and found materials with ritualised, repetitive actions. Kota sees ritual as a practice, an observance and performance of daily acts and routines.
isha irazu

XXX by XXX, year.

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