Introducing Aēsop’s zesty, citrus-packed body cleanser

Written by Sara Black

Photography Supplied

Australia’s Aēsop deliver the goods, once again, with their (customer-demanded) Citrus Melange Body Cleanser.

The people wanted a citrus-based body cleanser and Aēsop delivered. But not a typical zesty offering, because Aēsop don’t do typical. Instead, a one-two punch fusion packed with a petitgrain, lemon- and grapefruit-rind and jasmine. Vivifying.

It’s buoyant, low-foaming, gentle and versatile (also great for a handwash squirt). And all neatly packaged in Aēsop’s signature amber-coloured, recycled PET bottles so you can go on a full-bore body cleansing frenzy, guilt free.

Available now.

aesop body cleanser

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