Interior stylist Ange Dye welcomes us inside her masterfully curated home

Written by Bea Taylor

Photography Ange Dye

A doyenne of a monochromatic colour scheme and contemporary-meets-vintage styling, Ange Dye from The Untrained Eye gives us a peek into her Auckland villa.

Ange Dye knows her house well — she’s had it for 27 years. She knows where the place to have morning coffee is, where the light hits in the afternoon, she knows all the intricacies, drawbacks and quirks only someone who’s lived in a home for 27 years would know.

It’s a beautiful villa with classic details and good bones — basically everyone’s dream home. And Ange, an interior stylist and founder of The Untrained Eye, has filled it with her curator’s touch.

“I love to mix contemporary with older pieces as I think it gives spaces a depth that all-new doesn’t offer,” she says. It’s something she’s always favoured, her home, which she shares with her partner David Foo and their son Jacob, is adorned with pieces that are from “here, there and everywhere.”

“I started buying furniture and homewares, when I got my first apartment. I would go on trips and buy from antique and secondhand stores. Quite often, I would restore pieces and sell them online.” Her most recent purchases have been from Mid Century Swag, Babelogue, and Marie Michielssen and Eva Claessens for Serax.

“I love to mix contemporary with older pieces as I think it gives spaces a depth that all-new doesn’t offer…”

Ange’s thoughtful accumulation of furniture and decor is matched only by her mastery of a monochrome palette. A replete interior of white and grey becomes warm and inviting thanks to the subtle threads of colour effortlessly interlaced throughout the minimalistic tonal scheme.

“I love working with tones rather than blocks of colour,” says Ange. “I like to infuse colour through art, a unique lamp or in details such as handles, light fixtures or a mirror.”

Her favourite piece of art is the Alexander Calder in the living room; “I’ve had it for years and I still love it,” she says. The mark of a truly great art purchase. It’s joined by other pieces in her home; a stack of Fornasetti plates hung on the wall and a contemporary photographic print by Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev in the bedroom, to name a few. The slightly more in-your-face attitude of the pink Cloutier-Ignatiev print juxtaposes with the minimalist elegance of the Calder line drawing — but their inextricable harmony is just one example of Ange’s impeccable taste.

The living room is Ange’s favourite spot in the house. “It’s the heart of the home and it’s where we all hang out and relax,” she says. “It’s also one of the more finished rooms in the house and where some of my favourite pieces live.” The sculptural club chairs from Mid Century Swag are among these aforementioned favourite pieces, “followed closely by the coffee table.”

Adding to the thoughtfully curated appeal of this home, are the vintage marble plinths Ange scored at Babelogue not long after it opened. These graceful structures add height, intrigue and a distinct gallery-like charm to the space. Plus, they present the perfect perch to display some of Ange’s other treasured finds. All throughout her home you’ll see beautiful rounded vases, interesting pots and sculptural objects. These are pieces Ange has lovingly collected over time or simply made herself (the striking dried wheat arrangement and the plastered palm are two such examples).

The trick to curating a collection that allows each piece to shine — and not just look like clutter — is grouping and variance, says Ange. “There’s the golden rule that groupings of three work well. I always use objects of different shapes and height to allow breathing space between each grouping.” And, of course, these objects don’t need to stay in one place too long, these gems can be moved around and grouped differently to create new and interesting vignettes.

Next up, on what Ange calls the “ever-revolving door of villa renovations and refurbishments”, is their bathroom and then their kitchen. “I’m researching ideas for the bathroom and trying to save to make sure it happens in the next year. It’s been 20 years and it’s time!”, she says. “I’m really excited as it will be my first time designing a bathroom.”


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