INDEX STYLE: Retrofit your kitchen

Vintage and classics, the best way to get your retail therapy fix minus the landfill guilts.

Photography Adam Bryce
WORDS & StylING Sara Black

Large Serving Spoon by Petley

Serving up for the household becomes less chore and more honour with a spoon like this. Handmade by Courtney Petley of Petley in Aotearoa New Zealand, it’s carved from reclaimed rimu and buffed with beeswax.


‘Collective Tools’ Serving Set by Iittala

If you’re going to be eating salad, jazz up the moment with some award-winning salad servers by world-famous architect Antonio Citterio and industrial designer Glen Oliver Löw.


Vintage Pepper Grinder by Stephane Rondel

The epitome of 90s kitchen décor is right here and it’s great. The stainless steel pepper grinder was designed by New Zeland-based Stephane Rondel who went on to design furniture for the Elysée Palace.


Vintage Kettle by Stephane Rondel

Another Stephane Rondel design, another epitome of 90s kitchen décor. I can’t confirm the kettle’s efficacy but when it looks like that, who really cares.


‘Passe-Partout’ Goblets by Vincent Van Duysen for Serax

Architect Vincent Van Duysen enters the glass game with some universal flutes. Boasting both tradition and modern sensibilities, they’ll fit into many décor genres with ease.


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