INDEX STYLE: Nail alfresco life with enduring classics

Become one with home improvement life and allow it to inform your alfresco style.

Photography Adam Bryce
Styling & words Sara Black
Production Art Dept

‘Lawn’ Lounge Hat by Companion Co-design x EDN

Hats are a summertime essential and, if you’re looking for one with premium shape crafted with ‘slow design’ principles in mind, this is the hat for you.

Made in New Zealand by former refugees, you can purchase one in pink, khaki, stone, blue or all of the above.

‘T’ Tote by Gabrielle Stoddard

Next time you’re thinking of transporting a red cabbage (or similar) in the heady heat of mid-summer, buy this bag to carry it in. It’s a ribbed knit, sits cross body, on the shoulder, curled up in the palm of your hand or comfortably inside another bag.

Available in dijon (pictured) or sage, this versatile carrier is made from 40 per cent linen, 60 per cent cotton and mindfully sewn in New Zealand on an old Japanese knitting machine.

‘EM77’ Vacuum Jug by Stelton

Those Scandinavians sure do product design well. The EM77 was designed in 1977 by Erik Manussen and remains a classic to this day.

This indisputable champion of the vacuum jug world keeps your liquid warm for up to six hours and boasts a unique rocker stopper that opens automatically when the jug is tilted and closes when the jug is in vertical position. Perfect for a one-handed pour job.

‘Everyday’ Tee by Everyday Needs

With many a t-shirt in the market, you may be excused for being a tad dismissive of a plain green tee but this is no ordinary plain green tee.

It’s made from Pima cotton, touting longer fibres than conventional cotton which produce an ever-so-smooth, wrinkle-free finish.

‘Purple & Brown’ Stripe Towel by Tekla

The striped-towel market just found its winner in these by Tekla. They are THICK, like, 600g terry thick, extra combed and woven from 100 per cent organic and Oeko-Tex certified cotton.

Made in sunny Portugal, they are super durable, super soft, super durable, super absorbent and super long-lasting.

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