In the trenches (and coats)

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography Supplied

Zero degrees has arrived. We present a selection of INDEX-approved coats to keep you warm.

Self Belt Mac by Margaret Howell from Fabric.
The legendary British designer’s take on the classic trench coat with a workwear twist and detailing.

Two-Way Trench Coat by Low Classic from Workshop.
An oversized and multi-functional trench from Seoul’s Low Classic. A nylon/cotton blend fabric that gives a modern, deconstructed vibe.

Single-Breasted Coat by Acne Studios from Workshop.
A new classic, the coat has become synonymous with Acne’s minimalist style.

Duster Jacket from Paris Georgia.
New Zealand made with a pared-back design aesthetic and signature vintage styling from Paris Georgia.

Pierre Coat from Kowtow.
A drop-shoulder, mid-length coat made from a luxurious blend of merino wool and recycled nylon.

Twill Trench by Tibi from Muse
A simple trench from Tibi, the elastic cuffs bring a sportswear vibe to the hyper clean design.

Coffee Stone Coat from Mina.
A heavyweight, 100 per cent wool number designed to keep you toasty and last a lifetime.

Nº105 Big Cashmere Cardigan by Extreme Cashmere from My Chameleon.
An oversized Mongolian cashmere cardigan that is a perfect alternative to the traditional winter coat.

Interchange Trench by Dion Lee from Dion Lee.
A classic, trench coat style with two interchangeable belts and sharp stitch detailing which accentuates an exaggerated shoulder silhouette.

Wool-Belted Cocoon Coat from Bassike.
A relaxed-fit, cocoon-style wrap coat featuring dropped shoulders and a rolled collar.

trench coat
trench coat

Self Belt Mac by Margaret Howell.

Two-Way Trench Coat by Low Classic.

trench coat
trench coat

Pierre Coat by Kowtow.

Interchange Trench by Dion Lee.

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