I’m off to nap in on my Womb Settee, wake me up when it’s over

Seventy-odd years in development, the Womb Settee goes from design disaster to design hero.

Words Sara Black
Photography Supplied

In this current emotional climate, hearing that there’s a new piece of furniture called a Womb Settee? I’m 100 there. Just bring me a glass of warm milk.

The above might be a slight stretch. It’s not new new. It was designed in the late 1940s but, due to structural issues, production ceased. Lucky for us, four years back saw the resurrection of this divine being.

Interestingly, its origins come from industrial beginnings. In 1948, General Motors gave designer Eero Saarinen the project of his career. Their technical centre in Michigan was going to be a beast of a build that required furnishings for 5,000 people. And so the Womb Settee was born.

The original design was a bit of a flop (literally) but, with sheer grit and some production coin thrown its way, Knoll’s design director, Benjamin Pardo, brought the Womb Settee back to life.

In Auckland? Get yours from Studio Italia and curl up.

womb settee

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