How to Marie Kondo your Instagram with a digi cleanse

Written by Bea Taylor

If all the ‘run 5, donate 5, nominate 5’, home workouts, iso-cooking and, now, throw-back-to-freedom posts on Insta are doing your fucking head in, it might just be time to channel your inner Kondo and de-clutter your feed.

If the KonMari method has taught us anything, it’s that, if it doesn’t give you joy, it’s time to say thank you and goodnight. And this doesn’t solely relate to the home, this treatment can be (and probs should be) applied to any aspect of your life, from your email inbox to your closet, and especially to your social media pipes.

We’re all spending a bit more time indoors than we usually would at the moment, and with fuck all else to do — and our phones an arm’s reach away — it can be a little too easy to open up Instagram and go for a scroll down digital lane.

Our devices are proving to be an increasingly important tool for communication and maintaining real-life relationships. But we’re also using them for a bit of escapism. This can be ruined by the overwhelming jumble of hard-hitting news updates, quarantine memes, WFH selfies, plus the aforementioned home workouts, iso-cooking and deluge of Insta challenges, not to mention TikTok dances (I’m sorry, I don’t remember signing up to TikTok?).

And this crazy virtual cocktail can be hard to digest. So, while lounging on the couch, despairing at the latest cringe-worthy post your old primary school friend uploaded, consider it the perfect time to regain a bit of control and de-clutter your digi realm. Obviously, the easiest and fastest way to do this is to simply ‘unfollow’ those accounts that no longer “spark joy” (< KonMari).

If you’ve updated the app recently, you might notice there are two new categories in your ‘following’ tab; ‘Least Interacted With’ and ‘Most Shown in Feed’. These will give you helpful insight into what and who you are engaging with, and might open your eyes to what you’re actually being shown — therefore, what you need to change.

For those accounts that aren’t really giving you any joy (i.e. those workmates whose puzzle progress updates are boring as all hell), but you cannot, in good faith, unfollow them (because you do actually like them), Instagram has a handy ‘mute’ tool. Use this. It can be done directly from a post or their profile, and will give you a little breather from their content without having to cut them out of your digital life altogether.

After you’ve made a necessary, and hopefully cut-throat cull (or gentle mute), find new accounts to follow. The best place to start looking at the accounts you love to engage with and check out who they’re following. If you have time, take a trip to your discover page and spend time finding new accounts through that delightful rabbit hole.

Let’s be honest, we all have the time to give our Instagram feeds a makeover worthy of America’s Next Top Model circa Cycle 12, and it doesn’t hurt to help your mental health by monitoring what content you’re consuming and how it makes you feel.

For those who think they’re spending a bit too long on the app, there’s an activity tab in your profile that will tell you how many hours you’re on Instagram a day and gives you the option to set time limits on your activity.

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