Home By Dark by Christina Pataialii


Christina Pataialii


29 July – 22 August 2020


McLeavey Gallery, 147 Cuba St, Wellington


The light is turning; colours are leaching from the landscape; the environment starts to lose definition; home is calling. Early memories of the world at dusk and the suspension of time just before the streetlights flick on inspires Christina Pataialii’s exhibition at McLeavey Gallery.

What happens when the light seeps away and our eyes adjust? The exhibition plays on shifts in perception and abstracted interpretations. Curtains, windows, rugby boots, and rolling hills dip in and out of recognition — like slippages that occur when, navigating at dusk, you question a shape in the distance. Murky forms emerge in a shadowy palette of greens, blues, greys and blacks.


Home By Dark (detail) by Christina Pataialii.

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