HERMÈS’ sincere lip service w/ Pierre Hardy

Written by INDEX

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Lipstick, decorative object or both? You be the judge of this perfect package.

Hermès decide to dip their European toes into the beauty market with an almost-more-art-than-beauty offering.

The French high-fashion luxury house, established in 1837, deliver up a limited-edition range lipsticks. The contents are pure luxury, but it’s the casing that may first make you consider cheating on your current lipstick brand.

Fashion designer Pierre Hardy, who’s created shoes and jewellery for the past 30 years, was enlisted to work up the packaging and the goods are good. Colour-blocked cylinders of lacquered, brushed or polished metal house the buttery contents with the tones colour-picked from the artworks of Charles Sheeler, John Register, Arduino Cantàfora, and Jean Hélion.

Every six months, three limited-edition join the collection and ultimately round out a 24-strong team of lipsticks. Run out? Refill your tube or turn it a keepsake worthy of making a permanent home in your powder room.

hermes lipstick

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