Harley Weir, Jack Davison and Co: selling prints for a bail-out fund

Written by Adam Bryce

Recent times have seen normally-hard-to-come-by photographic prints become a great source for fundraising. Firstly, helping those affected by the pandemic and now to assist local organisations working to help fight racism.

The Earth Issue is a collective of artists and creatives who combine image-making with environmentalism via publications, exhibitions and other channels to create awareness of environmental issues. Now, the collective have come together to offer a series of photographic prints to benefit a social issue this time, ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Bringing together some of the world’s best photographers such as Harley Weir, Jack Davison, Alexandra Lesse and many others, they’re selling prints for just £100.00. The fundraiser is running for 30 days and the collective will pass funds on directly to Bail Funds: George Floyd and the 4Front Project, a UK based youth organisation that empowers young people to fight for justice, peace and freedom.

Show your support by purchasing some prints at: The Earth Issue Freedom Fundraiser.

harley weir jesse crankson montage

Left: ‘A Plastic World’ by Jesse Crankson, 2018. Right: ‘Nelson’ by Harley Weir, 2017.

kaye by alexandra leese

Above: ‘Kaye’ by Alexandra Leese, 2017.

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