The overarching wisdom on this topic is a hard don’t, but if your style’s losing its shape, hairstylist Dragana Ristic has some sage advice.


Backstage Lanvin Men’s FW18. Hair and Photography by Guido Palau.

“Don’t do it,” says hairstylist Dragana Ristic, to any guy itching to give his overgrown ’do a bit of a trim. “Wait for your hairdresser, but trim your sideburns and neck hair for your partner’s sake — there’s nothing sexy about neck hair.”

She also suggests — before getting the at-home salon set up — styling your mane in a different way. Maybe you’re a ponytail guy now? Slicked back? Side-part? But if you can’t quite bring yourself to ‘man-bun’ and are unwilling to heed Dragana’s warnings, here’s how to perform a semi-salon cut at home.

What you’ll need

Clippers, scissors (the sharper and pointier the better), a mirror and a willing bubblemate.

Wet or dry

Hair should always be dry for clipper work (wet hair will clog the clippers and it can be difficult to see lines) And when using scissors, it’s best to have wet hair as it won’t slip out of your fingers or comb and it will be easier to achieve straight lines.

Step #1

Start with the sides. Hair should be dry, use the clippers and the plastic attachment to decide what length you want to take off. Move from the bottom up in a motion similar to that of a plane taking off. Always start from the front and move to the back of the head, then switch to the other side and meet in the middle at the back.

Step #2

It’s time to create the fade. Use a slightly shorter attachment and continue to use the ‘aeroplane’ method — going slightly further up the side of the head.

Step #3

Blending time. Wet the hair and grab the scissors. Start with the sides and again move from the front to the back, then switch sides to the front again. Remember, you’re not taking too much off, use the same measurements you started with on the clippers and use your previous haircut as a guide.

Step #4

The top. This is where you want to keep most of your length. Use the scissors and a comb. Take off the same length as you had on the clippers and start from the fringe and work backwards. To make it look more natural, use a pointcut (cutting with the scissors perpendicular).

Step #5

Cut the front. Comb the fringe down and trim (just a little bit).

Step #6

Clean the neckline and straighten the sideburns with a zero blade or razor.

Dragana’s top tip for anyone brave enough to cut their hair at home is to take as little off as possible — that way it won’t be as obvious if it looks shite.

If this still leaves you in the dark — check out celebrity stylist, Chris Appleton’s how-to video.

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