Gucci goes graffiti (MP5) with their new goals

Written by Sara Black

Gucci, the Italian luxury fashion house keep it local for their new initiative, Equilibrium.

Early 2019, Gucci unveiled a commissioned art project by an Italian street artist who goes by the moniker MP5. It was two-part painting aimed at telling the story of the emotional impact of relationships. It was beautiful, striking and different with an important message.

This year, Gucci team up with the artist once again and the results are just as striking, and the message, even more important. The fashion house, long-associated with unattainable luxury, have launched the Equilibrium programme, an initiative to reduce their environmental impact while “supporting people’s rights and championing inclusivity and respect.”

MP5’s style is razor-sharp often with a political message and it’s great to see the fashion giant tackling some massively important issues — sustainability, human rights and social justice.

Keep an eye out for Gucci’s annual Environmental Profit & Loss statement which publishes their results and methods. 

gucci mp5

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