All woe was us when the Auckland Art Fair had to cancel its much-anticipated, four-day event. But woe no more.


On the calendar of every Auckland art lover, as it was mine, a sad moment fell upon us when the news broke of the enforced cancellation of 2020’s Auckland Art Fair. I was bummed. A fantastic way to see pieces from usually afar galleries, discover new artists and get up-close-and-personal with works, it’s my go-to art fix for someone who doesn’t have a disposable income but foolishly fancies the finer things in life.

But all is not lost — news has just broken of a virtual art fair instead. Hurrah.

On the cards, you’ll find a bunch of exceptional Auckland gallery offerings — from the likes of Ivan Anthony, Bowerbank Ninow, Michael Lett, Gow Langsford Gallery, Melanie Roger Gallery and more. From further afield, we’ll see (through the magic of the world wide web) artworks from Wellingtonians including Bartley + Company Art and Page Galleries, and some international eye-wateringly beautiful goodies from Sarah Cottier Gallery, M+P Art and Piermarq to namedrop just a few.

I’ll definitely also miss sipping on my trim decaf flat white 6oz (with just a splash of almond milk please) coffee from Atomic and scoffing a few too many Daily Bread sweet treats at the fair but will ensure those equally incredible moments will happen as soon as I’m allowed out the house for such pleasures.

Pop the Auckland Art Fair in your virtual calendar. 30 April – 17 May 2020.

Robin Neate; Courtesy of the artist and Melanie Roger Gallery

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