Casting and photography by Ellie Coker

With thanks to Chic Management, IMG Models,
Kult Models, Priscillas Model Management, FiveTwenty Model Management and Chadwick Models

Australian photographer Ellie Coker documents the spirit of a new generation [Part 1 here].

Zephyr (18), Kult Models
ellie coker
ellie coker

Sameera Osman (19), Chic Management

Sage Salvador (18), IMG Models
ellie coker
ellie coker

Lochie Mitchell (19), Priscillas Model Management

Cindy Wang (25), Chadwick Models
ellie coker
Samuel Barrie (22), Chic Management

Darcy McConnell (18), Chadwick Models

ellie coker
ellie coker

Bella Brogestam (17), Chadwick Models

Bella Bray (25), FiveTwenty Model Management
ellie coker
ellie coker

Alinta (17), Chadwick Models

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