Cooped up at home with air on the stale side? Consider an easy home refresh with one of our tried-and-tested selection of scents that don’t involve (much or any) fire.


Papier d’Arménie — Incense Paper

Incense paper, originally created to freshen up one’s home after cooking, is a simple and effective way to get things good again. Papier d’Arménie, my favourite brand, has been made in France since 1885 without any changes to its make up in that time. It’s easy to use too — just fold the paper and light one end, it will burn for five minutes and keep your place smelling fresh for the day.

Kuumba International — Aromatic Incense

Kuumba, the iconic Japanese incense maker with a massive variety of scents to entice. Known for their traditional production process and attention to detail — you can’t go wrong.

Aēsop — Room Spray

As far as ease of use goes and immediate effect, Aēsop’s selection of room sprays wins out. Every time. The Australian brand offers three scents and I recommend purchasing the ‘Aromatique Room Spray Trio’ set, which gives you the chance to try all the scents or just mix n’ match as you wish.

RetaW — Fragrance Diffuser

Co-founded by Japan’s hugely influential fashion icon, Hiroshi Fujiwara, retaW has, like everything Fujiwara puts his name to, garnered a global cult following. The product isn’t just hype, it’s absolutely worthy of its high-and-mighty status.

Bodha — Ritual Incense

The therapeutic perfumer was founded in 2014, with an objective to create scents that invigorate help invigorate the mind, body and spirit. Their incense offering includes INDEX fave, Refresh, which does exactly what it says on the box.

Aēsop — Brass Oil Burner

Choose your scent from an incredible selection from Aēsop in combination with this beautiful solid brass burner designed by Studio Henry Wilson. The oils essentially work like refills, just place four to five drops into this almost piece-of-art and heat up with a tealight candle.

Tom Dixon — Eclectic Underground Diffuser

Tom Dixon, the self-taught industrial designer, has long-dabbled with aromatics and his Electric Underground Diffuser is another winner. Ginger and cardamom are the main features here, creating an intriguingly addictive scent.

Diptyque — Baies Scented Oval

From the makers of some of the world’s finest parfums, Diptyque deliver another sensation with their luxe combination of roses and blackcurrant leaves. Perfectly packaged with a wax cord, you can even hang this beauty in your wardrobe or linen cupboard.

Byredo — Toile Textile Perfume

Byredo, the Swedish brand founded by Ben Gorham, brings use another great spritzer — Toile. Spray this polymorphous scent sparingly on surrounding fabrics to imbue them with this clean, fresh scent.

Aēsop — Post-Poo Drops

The name says it all, really. If you’ve been stuck in one place with family or flatmates for this amount of time, you’re going to want to ensure that your place of refuge smells good. Aēsop’s Post-Poo Drops are a staple every home needs.

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