Get out of the kitchen, it’s delivery time

Written by Reilly Hodson

Chuck your cooking utensils away (don’t) and rejoice in the fact that you don’t have to think think about food so much.

If there’s one realisation that has come out of lockdown, it’s that cooking every meal, every day, is kind of rubbish. It involves so much prior planning, and skills and knowledge that not everyone has. Even when you’re a pretty good home cook, it still doesn’t taste as good as when you order from a restaurant. Level 3, then, presents a great opportunity for all of us who are sick of making weekly meal plans for 21 meals a week. Finally, you’ll be able to order takeaways, to pick up (without face-to-face contact) or get delivered, from not just places that did takeaways before lockdown, but also a whole bunch that didn’t do it before. That means you can skip KFC and support local businesses instead. And please, if at all possible, don’t buy from Uber Eats, go directly to the restaurant. Here are the pages I’ll be bookmarking for those nights where I just can’t be bothered.


Culprit is one of my go-to recommendations to anyone who wants to know where to go for a fancy-ish meal. Depot and Federal Deli alums Kyle Street and Jordan MacDonald make delicious food that riffs on old classics, and their trolley service adds to one of the best dining experiences in the city. They’re making a range of takeaway meals that you can either buy ready-made or cook yourself, and bring their food to your own home.

Electric Chicken

Electric Chicken, based in Morningside, opened its new shop on K Road just before lockdown and had to close before I could get there. I think they make the best fried chicken sandwich in Auckland, and their range of milkshakes top it off very nicely. They’ll be open for pick up and delivery with online orders.

Daily Bread

Daily Bread have actually been delivering through lockdown already, but I wanted to give them another shout out because they’ve started gradually expanding the number of pastries on offer. I haven’t gone for it yet, but I’m looking forward to ordering a stack of kouign-amanns right to my door. They’re also, of course, selling their famous sourdough, as well as bread flour and pantry staples like their house Marmite.

Cantine by Celéste

In the before times, Céleste was the place to be and be seen. It was a social spot, sure, but the food, drinks, and vibe were also excellent. Rather than try and bring the exact Céleste experience to takeaways, they’re going all in on greasy burgers and indulgent wings. They’re doing pick up and delivery for lunch and dinner seven days a week.

Madame George

Long known as the place to get a pisco sour in the city, Madame George is the place I want to go as soon as we’re allowed to dine in at bars and restaurants again. They’re also doing takeaways, and it’s important that we all get takeaways from there so that we can guarantee those cocktails and that brilliant service will be waiting for us on the other side.

Savor Goods

Savor, the company behind Azabu, Ostro, and Non Solo Pizza, has put all of its restaurants in the online ordering game. Best of all, they have an off-licence, so you can order alcoholic drinks alongside meals, all in one place.


Cazador’s plans to start a deli were put on hold by lockdown, but Level 3 presents the opportunity for it to get rolling properly. You can buy hampers of various sizes stacked with their signature cured meats, breads and preserves, or you can just buy a voucher so that you can eat in once everything clears over.

Hero Tuckshop

Hero in Eden Terrace is responsible for some of the best sandwiches in town, and now you can order online. My personal favourite is the tuna, with the combo that adds chips and a Karma drink.

The Caker

Auckland’s most famous cakes are available again for takeaway. The Caker has also started making ‘bubble-sized’ cakes, with 4 – 6 slices worth of goodness for the people you’re locked down with. The Caker did the cake for my 21st, and it was fantastic, so I can personally recommend it.

Orphans Kitchen

Ponsonby Road institution Orphans Kitchen have revamped their offering for contactless pick up. Order coffees, toasts or a Southland cheese roll at the window, or call up or order online to pick up from their ‘Orphans At Home’ menu, a selection of hearty dishes (I’m looking forward to the feijoa lamb rendang) for you to take home and heat up for dinner. They’ll also deliver on Wednesdays, if you make your order before 5pm on Monday, so you can have a takeaway night or stock up for the week.


The K Road winebar are bringing their already homey vibe right to your house. You can order from their immense selection of natural wines, as well as some at-home pasta kits, sourdough loaves (if you haven’t made your own), and cakes from neighbours The Caker. On Friday and Saturday nights, they’ll be delivering their brilliant sourdough pizzas too (the broccoli cooked forever is a knockout).

Spicy House

We might have saved the best for last here. Spicy House, and I’m sure many other Dominion Road institutions, are back up and running for takeaways. Finally, we can get our chilli chicken or ham hock fix again.

Call them up to order

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