Scott Gardiner, @SANDERSON


Future Friction by Scott Gardiner


11 August – 13 September 2020


Online at:


In 1975, the Hungarian-American psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi coined the expression “the flow”. Call it “the zone” or “mindfulness” but, essentially, it is that moment of total, effortless, immersive concentration and energised joy in an activity. Two groups of people who often speak of this mental state are surfers and artists, with a surprising amount of overlap in communities by the sea. Scott Gardiner, also born in 1975, is a surfer who paints, or a painter who surfs, and the two are inexorably entwined in his love of the sea. In Gardiner’s case both are partially borne out of a desire for solitude and intuitive, meditative contemplation, which can be found alone in the studio staring at a blank canvas or looking to the horizon from a surfboard. It’s a feeling about place and spirituality that shares metaphors with a wide range of painters, indeed something that can only be accomplished in painting, from Mark Rothko to Colin McCahon. Spatially, Gardiner’s paintings are unmappable, a mood or atmosphere, a dream, putting it in the sphere of surrealism.


Future Fiction (Carbon) Study by Scott Gardiner, 2020.

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