Forty Years Drawn by Pete Bossley


Pete Bossley


1 August – 18 October 2020


Objectspace, 13 Rose Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland


For more than 40 years, architect Pete Bossley has carried a sketchbook with him. Documenting his creative process and observations of the built environment.

For the first time, accumulated in one place and presented to the public to see, these 197 sketchbooks provide a remarkable record of a life’s work. Woven within a shifting context of work and life, Pete’s journals capture the influence of buildings and places he has encountered and the quiet minutia of daily life. From one page to the next, a sketchbook might transport us from the cross-section of a building in progress to a far-flung foreign landscape to an idea for an abstract painting.

Within the sketchbook pages, the drawn line appears as a wide-ranging constant. Bossley moves freely from pencil to crayon, technical to gestural, and the hand-drawn to the digital pen. What emerges is a sense of drawing as a radical and unrestrained tool for expressing not just the subject itself but the substance of our feeling and experience.

Forty Years Drawn expands on the acclaimed book, One Year Drawn, published in 2019 by Point Publishing.


Money Bags by Moniek Schrijer, 2020.
Image: Samuel Hartnett.

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