Fluid Borders: Far Nearer by Various Artists


Arapeta Ashton, Synthia Bahati, Yeonjae Choi, Carl Douglas and Nooroa Tapuni, Diva Ford and Claire Whyburd, Gabi Lardies, Rhiannon Led, Rozana Lee and Han Nae Kim.


27 July – 20 September 2020


The Wallace Arts Centre, Pah Homestead, 72 Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough, Auckland


A multi-media exhibition, Far Nearer, is the first in a series of the Fluid Borders 2020 programme. Taking the opportunity to celebrate reunion, Far Nearer brings artists from multiple-origin communities of Auckland and online communities together, honouring the processes of whakawhanaungatanga and manākitanga. Gathering voices from many communities, the exhibited work calls for better connectivity and better community mindedness. Fresh in our memories is the enforced physical distancing; as communities we stayed connected through online events and enabling actions. 

• Now that physical contact is no longer restricted does this mean that there is no longer a need to stay mindful of cultivating better connections? 
• Our bodily connections are revalued and treasured after their absence but what about the absence of connection we had always struggled with?

Curated by Wai Ching Chan, Far Nearer aims to allow different creative communities to come together to address these questions with a wish to be understood; a place to network, cross paths and stop for a conversation. 

Synthia Bahati

I Caught you at the Right Time by Synthia Bahati, 2019.


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