Flashdance back into the IKEA archives

Written by Adam Bryce

Swedish furniture giant, IKEA, celebrate their 70th birthday with a 19,000-page online catalogue release.

If you’re a fan of interior design and also feel like you’ve clocked the internet with all this stay-at-home goings-on, your weekend may just be about to take an interesting plot-twist.

IKEA, celebrating their 70th birthday, are doing so in such a way that only the Swedes know how. Cataloguing the shit out of mid-century Scandinavian design.

Love or hate them, IKEA have been a home staple proffering affordable wares to the masses with an ounce of taste. Remember the Poäng chair? Yeah you do.

Take a virtual stroll down memory lane and relive some golden moments of the 50s and beyond, with their digital archives resource.


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