Five striking vases for striking floral arrangements

The art of floral arranging comes in many shapes and sizes. My motto? Keep it simple.

Photography Adam Bryce
words & styling by Sara Black
production art dept

‘Monoblokk’ Vase by Nedre Foss

It’s all in the name with this vessel. Reminiscent of a glass block from an 80s interior in the best way possible, the narrow-stretched cavity allows the arranger to play with floral form on a whim.


‘Aer’ Vase by MENU

Like moody mist rising but in glass form. Designed by Gabriel Tan, the ‘Aer’ Vase would look perfectly adequate sans flowers also.


‘Press Vase’ by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon knows his way around a vase and if you’re looking for something modern and solid with art deco-ish curves, consider this.


‘Container’ by HAY
Obviously touted as a container, ‘Container’ can shapeshift for many purposes including a vase-like container. Made from borosilicate glass, they’re also ideal for storing nuts, jewellery and cotton buds.


‘Vannfall’ Jug by Nedre Foss

When you’re in between punch-making moments, re-purpose this mouth-blown glass jug as a vase. You will appear nonchalant and easy going.


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