Five new photograghy books you need in your life

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography Supplied

There’s something about troubling times that bring out a heightened sense of creativity. The year 2020 has certainly been a troubled one (on so many levels) but it hasn’t stopped photographers releasing incredible new work from around the world.

We Are One Of The Same.

Released at London’s first digital fashion week a few weeks ago to celebrate Bianca Saunders’ new collection, the zine is a collaboration between Saunders, writer Jess Cole, photographer Joshua Woods and stylist Matt Holmes. 

“We established a common ground through our shared realities of blackness, whilst drawing out the distinct differences in our lived experiences as black peoples’ in the UK and US. Liberating ourselves from the confines of corporate and client interference, the project is a fusion of freed and multi-disciplinary expressions.”

The timing of the release led the zine to become a sort of landmark for showcasing the incredible talent of black creatives in the fashion industry. Currently sold out, Woods has announced that a reprint isn’t far away. Phew.

Bianca Saunders Joshua Woods

Hi, Hello!

Hi, Hello! is an ironic semi-literal/semi-metaphorical visual exploration into the absurdity of masculinity and the ways in which men and boys navigate through all of its notions.

This new, independent publication by London-based photographer Romain Duquesne features 50 pages of colour and black and white photography.

Romain Duquesne, Hi, Hello!
Romain Duquesne, Hi, Hello!

Beaten & Blown By The Wind.

Shot in Rome by photographer Bruce Gilden, Gucci’s latest art book contains a portfolio of street portraits and imagery of the Pre-Fall 2020 collection designed by Alessandro Michele.

This limited-edition tome is velvet bound hardcover collector’s piece with gold debossing and a coffee table must.

bruce gilden gucci

EY! Viva Tel Aviv.

From the famed editor of Candy and 137Fanzine, comes Luis Venegas’ latest edition of EY! (Electric Youth!), this time, with a focus and rare look at the youth of Israeli.

Photographed by Dafy Hagai and styled by Victoria Sekrier, it is sand and sun and sex and energy.

EY! Viva Tel Aviv
EY! Viva Tel Aviv


Jalebi, is a limited-edition photography tome, photographed by Laurence Ellis, that traces several strands of designer Priya Ahluwalia’s work and what it means to be a young, mixed-heritage person living in modern Britain.

Through photographs that move ‘back and forth between the imagined and real’, Ahluwalia explores the rich world of her roots, growing up regularly visiting Southall, Britain’s first Punjabi community. Each image weaves into the everyday lives of the people who pass through Ahluwalia’s eyes — representing the beauty of diversity and how immigration enriches lives and community.

Priya Ahluwalia

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