Fine Woodworking with Josephine Jelicich, @THE WARREN


Fine Woodworking with Josephine Jelicich


3rd February – 10th March 2021


The Warren, 2a Cross St, Auckland


Join fine woodworker Josephine Jelicich on a six-week series, learning how to make a finely detailed pencil box with a sliding lid. This project has a degree of customisation, including the final finishing techniques and the choice of the wood for the lid, meaning you will leave with a unique piece.

You will learn a mixture of hand cut joinery and machine joinery techniques, including use of the table saw and bandsaw. Although we will start with pre-milled wood, you will learn the process of how to choose the right piece of timber and how to choose the best grain and understand the structure of your wood. You will draw up your ideas, plan and execute the joinery and glue up, add the final touches, and oil and finish the box.

In starting with a small project like this one, you will begin to understand how a bigger object, like a cabinet or chair, can come together. It is all about those little tips and tricks that make the difference: you’ll come away with a really fine looking box that you made yourself. The joinery is simple enough, yet looks impressive.

This class will suit both beginners and woodworkers with some experience, looking to work on finer details.



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