Fashion’s Wynn Hamlyn and Hera Saabi meet at the water’s edge

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography Supplied

Fashion brand Wynn Hamlyn and jewellery label Hera Saabi deliver a finely tuned Fall 2020 collection.

When it comes to details, no ‘one’ fashion designer does it better than Wynn Crawshaw, creative director of  Wynn Hamlyn. Learning the fashion ropes in Dunedin and Auckland, Crawshaw’s innate sense of play shines through and he’s garnered quite the international following.

The Fall 2020 collection sees Crawshaw team up with another local creative, Maeve Woodhouse, and her Hera Saabi fine jewellery line. The pair have melded minds to collaborate on a very special offering — clothes crafted by Crawshaw with metal detailings adding the finishing hand-made touches by Woodhouse. And, in what’s evident as a loosely nautical-inspired collection, we see clever nods to sailboat fittings, fishing and water.

Online now but be quick, we foresee the collection getting snapped up and becoming highly collectable in the years to come.

wynn hamlyn hera saabi

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