Fashion’s Rick Owens gifts us some eccentricities

Written by Sara Black

Photography Supplied

Rick Owens designs a home accessories range with an unsurprisingly macabre twist.

Rick Owens, one of fashion’s ‘darker’ designers, has, in recent times, become just as renowned for his sculptural furniture creations as he is for his namesake clothing label.

Born in early-60s California, Owens emigrated to Europe in 2003 and his designs took on a history-rich style taking inspiration from the origins of humanity, soul culture, ancient civilisations, spiritual rituals, archaic ceremony and architectural elements such as brutalism and German WWII bunkers.

A new home accessories collection has launched, enabling Owens’ cult-like followers to immerse themselves further into his world.

Released under Owens’ Maison/Objects side brand, the range delivers an antiquated-style bunch of eclectic items. Like guesting at a medieval feast on acid, sterling silver cutlery with irregularly shaped bone handles are on offer, along with a horn-shaped bronze lighter, a grey nitrate bronze ashtray and other wonderful oddities.

rick owens homewares

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