Fashion’s Maryam Nassir Zadeh finally muses the man

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography Supplied

Inspired by the changing muses around her, downtown New York’s coolest launches a menswear collection that both sexes are eager to lap up.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s work has long been described as indescribable, proffering a certain factor that’s unpinpointable. A 70s/80s/90s mash-up make Zadeh’s influence on fashion undeniable; her small downtown New York store and label widely known as the influencer’s influencer. 

After graduating from Rhodes Island School of Design and a stint at Parsons, Zadeh launched her debut collection in 2012 and instantly became ‘one to watch’. Her brand began to cultivate a cult-like following (by men and women, alike) and the announcement of a menswear capsule collection has been eagerly received (by men and women, alike). 

Faithful fans of the brand are well aware of Zadeh’s usual muse line-up including furniture designer/photographer/fashion designer Ana Kraš and artist/educator Maia Ruth Lee but, in recent years, the designer has looked to men for inspiration. Her father, ex-husband Uday Kak and (New Zealand’s own) Thistle Brown are cited as current people of interest with the influence of these men clearly evident in the new set.

With streetwear dominating the fashionscape of late, it’s a refreshing respite to receive Zadeh’s authentically decade-transcending, sensual capsule of essentials which sits amongst her womenswear with nuanced ease.


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