Fashion’s Maggie Marilyn boldly hits the reset button

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography Supplied

The year has been rife with self-reflection and, we’re pleased to report, some in the fashion industry have been deep in thought.

While over the last few years there has been much debate over the traditional fashion system, 2020 has very much become the posteryear of acting on change that many have been calling for.

New Zealand fashion brand Maggie Marilyn, who gained global recognition for their dedication to production transparency and sustainability, have just announced a series of bold changes to their business model. The steadfastly forward-thinking young business endevour to move further towards their modus operandi — “our mission is to help transition the fashion industry to one that is transparent, circular, regenerative and inclusive”.

In what is probably best referred to as a reset the founder, Maggie Hewitt, has announced a series of changes to the way her brand will operate.

Direct to consumer
From now on, the only place you will be able to buy Maggie Marilyn is from their online store or their new retail ‘home’ in New Zealand — the first of what Hewitt intends to be many around the world. 

The industry has been gradually edging towards this model in recent years; its benefits outweighing the traditional wholesale model which will include lower retail prices for consumers, less waste (as inventory can be closely controlled) and a reduction in carbon emissions.

In the case of Maggie Marilyn, this shift in gears will discontinue collection discounts — an important move in a push against over consumption.

Repair scheme
Customers can return pieces that have developed ‘love marks’ to be repaired free of charge.

Initially launching in New Zealand and Australia, Hewitt hopes to extend this to her global community next year. Also in 2021, Hewitt will be launching her collection programme for the recycling of ‘Somewhere’ garments that have reached the end of their life. 

Extended size range
Inclusivity is another important value of Hewitt’s brand and all collections will now have an extended size range — from size 6 to 20.

A move away from seasonal collections
Maggie Marilyn’s current inventory ratio is made up of 80 per cent seasonal collections and 20 per cent ‘Somewhere’ garments. This will changed to 95 per cent ‘Somewhere’ and a 5 per cent ‘Forever’ capsule. 

‘Somewhere’ is the brand’s collection of anti-seasonal garments; basics you can wear year-in year-out. The newly named ‘Forever’ capsule will replace what is currently considered seasonal collections. The ‘Somewhere’ collection will also include a new sports line of sweats, singlets, etc.

The opening of Maggie Marilyn’s first ‘home’ store
In line with the brand’s new direct-to-consumer model, they will open their first ‘home’ store in Auckland’s Britomart. Designed by New Zealand’s best-known interior designer, Katie Lockhart, the space will be just the first in a new retail concept expected to be rolled out around the world.


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