Kiwi Heathermary Jackson is one of the world’s most accomplished fashion stylists. Her influential role in the early movements towards hi-lo fashion culture, plus her work for some of the world’s biggest brands, has seen her sit comfortably at the top of the industry for quite some time.





Becoming by Michelle Obama (left); Steven Universe (right)

Heathermary, tell us — the best TV show/s you’ve recently binged?

My son has been wanting us to watch the entire six seasons of Steven Universe, a fantasy cartoon. It’s actually great and giving us a nice thing to take breaks during online schooling.

What film would you highly recommend to watch while pretending to work?

I’ve been so preoccupied with the news I haven’t watched a movie since the shit hit the fan. But I did watch The Peanut Butter Falcon, starring Shia LaBeouf. Charming movie. A must see.

What book has helped you get to sleep during the nights of late?

I’ve finally started Michelle Obama’s Becoming.

Name your go-to comfort dish to ease the worst feelings of existential despair.

I make Dahl a couple of times a week. We used to have a nanny for my son from Bhutan and she was a wonderful cook who passed her recipe on to me. I just love it for breakfast lunch and dinner. To be honest, that and oatmeal with almond milk and blueberries.

We all need new procrastination tools in these uncertain times, what exhilarating hobby have you recently added to your resume?

Washing the car and mowing the lawn.

Increased mindfulness is essential in this climate — name your top tips for getting out of your head.

Ryan Heffington’s daily live dance party on Instagram. He is a beam of light that gets my body moving and makes me smile and cry at the same time. I love him.

Give a piece of advice to those trying to work from home.

Make lists. And make time to exercise often. It’s the only thing to get the anxiety to a manageable level.

Heathermary Jackson

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