Fashion fusion: Aries + Hillier Bartley

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography Clare Shilland


Two London greats join forces to create a playful jewellery line with a subversive kick.

Over the years, brand collaborations have become a strategic way that labels can tap into new markets and build hype. And the best type are ones formed when like-minded creatives combine talents.

A new duo to the fore is the partnership of two London-based brands, Aries and Hillier Bartley. They come from different ends of the fashion system, Aries — a streetwear brand with a cult following and Hillier Bartley — a high-end brand founded by big-name forces.

The two brands set forth on a jewellery collaboration with Hillier Bartley’s signature paper clip earring as the starting point. “The paper clip earring had become a sort of symbol of tribal belonging between our friends,” says Aries founder, Sofia Prantera. “I’ve had mine since they first started the brand and I had got into the habit of dangling different charms from it. Jewellery charms are similar to t-shirts, in the way that they act as identifiers and subtly define the wearer; they have a similar power of subversion and can give you a subtle hint of the wearer’s ideology.”

Pop online and take your pick from high/low pieces including the ‘Bunny Temple’, ‘Penis’ or ‘Throwing Star’ charm.

Hillier Bartley Aries
Hillier Bartley Aries

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