Eight masks for your malnourished mane

Written by Bea Taylor

No matter your hair dilemma, we have found the mask to fix it. And fix it fast.

Apart from the cold nights, rainy days and fewer sunlight hours, there’s another reason to bemoan winter — dry skin and brittle hair. Whilst we lather on moisturiser and maybe increase our face mask rotation, our poor, dry, frizzed up hair gets left with its pre-winter routine. Thus, we recommend hair masks and we’ve found one for every hair type.

For limp hair

Cleansing Volumising Paste by Christophe Robin
This mask smells divine, which is an immediate win. It’s a unique clay-to-foam treatment that helps create real volume while absorbing impurities and oil from the scalp. All you need to do is take a tablespoon of the paste, work it in the palms of your hands, apply all over your wet hair and rub into your scalp in circular motions, lifting at the roots, then rinse off.

For scalp health

Rose Hair Scalp Moisturising Masque by Aēsop
Another heavenly smelling mask (floral, warm and woody). This one is a go-to for restoring vitality, lustre and softness to hair, while also soothing a dry and flaky scalp.

For frizzy hair

Intense Moisture Mask by Living Proof by No Frizz
We all lust after silky smooth hair — the kind really only found in that post-hair-appointment glow. This hair mask promises to tame frizzy and unruly strands. Acting as a conditioner stand-in, apply it after shampooing from roots to ends, leave in for five minutes and then rinse off.

For dry hair

The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask by Evo
With all the hot showers, heated hair treatments and dry winter air, our not-so-lush locks are craving a bit of moisture. This mask is intensely hydrating and will moisturise, soften and add shine.

For coloured hair

Flower Colour Protect Hair Mask by Angel
During winter days, taking full advantage of sunlight hours (and those warming rays) is a must. Therefore, a hair mask that has naturally extracted sunscreen factor to protect hair colour from fading under UV rays, is a must.

For weak hair

No.3 Hair Perfector by Olaplex
This global best-seller reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair by finding and reconnecting the broken bonds that make up the protein and structure of each strand (very smart and efficient).

For curly hair

Curl Treatment by Sachajuan
If you crave smooth, silky, tousled, wavy hair (all of us, tbh), this mask is your good friend. It smooths the curl cuticle to enhance manageability and shine, and builds a nourished foundation for styling, creating soft, bouncy curls that last.

For those with deeper pockets

Russian Amber Imperial Gold Masque by Phillip B.
I doubt this $397 mask is something you’d willingly share with your housemates. Indulgently rich (ofc), it promises to transform dry, damaged and colour-treated hair (you’d sincerely hope it lives up to this promise, for obvious reasons, I haven’t tried it myself).

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