Educate yourself: Racism in New Zealand

Photography: Manurewa by Adam Bryce, 2019.

While the world is becoming more enlightened to the inequalities created by America’s systemic racism, New Zealand is not immune. Māori and Pacific Islanders, in particular, are adversely affected by similar issues.

Below is a list of resources which can help to educate on the racial problems in New Zealand. Watch, listen, read, follow, sign and donate. Please get in touch at to add more platforms to this list.

Educational resources

Watch: Community Research

Watch: New Zealand Human Rights Commission

Watch: Radio NZ

Follow: Greens at Vic

Read: Working as Allies: Supporters of Indigenous Justice Reflect by Jen Margaret

Read: Imagining Decolonisation by Rebecca Kiddle, Bianca Elkington, Moana Jackson, Ocean Ripeka Mercier, Mike Ross, Jennie Smeaton and Amanda Thomas

Research: Treaty Resource Centre — He Puna Mātauranga o Te Tiriti


Research: NZ Humans Rights

Petitions and places to donate

Sign: Say no to ‘Armed Response’ Teams

Research and donate: JustSpeak

manurewa by adam bryce

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