EDEN Power Corp make sweet music

EDEN Power Corp presents: UV Core – UV Tower at Spazio Maiocchi.

Video Alessandro Dalla Fontana

Exploring and collecting sonic objects from hardcore and post-rave cultures, UVCORE is a music project by the London-based producer and music researcher Andrea Guidi.

Since its inception, they have presented the installations Data Dreaming (2019), and UVTower (2020) both for the international art event ARS Electronica and exploring topics such as time and human-computer interaction.

The project’s first track Riviera has been included by London-based label, Tremors, in the compilation Global Unity alongside artists such as Lil Data of PC Music.

UVTower is a generative musical system made of lasers and mirrors reflecting on the notion of growth in an accelerated age through sound and interaction. The flow of the rhythm is traced in a circle by a laser beam situated at the top of a tower. The laser reflection caused by mirrors symbolises the system reflecting on itself and results in the creation of metaphoric echo chambers which scale-up exponentially up to the point of making the system collapsing and starting anew. Such a metaphor is rendered through sound. Adding and removing mirrors leads to the system generating denser/faster or rarefied/slower music structures describing its build-ups and falls.

UVCORE’s first EP, Lamporama, is due out at the end of 2020.

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