Eden Power Corp make a hat from a mushroom

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography Supplied

There’s sustainable fashion, and then there’s a hat made from a single mushroom. Eden Power Corp reach new levels of innovation.

When one thinks fungi, one does not think fashion. But Eden Power Corp have just added ‘armchair mycologists’ to their CV.

Renown for their commitment to the environment and social issues, it’s zero surprise to see the Montreal-based label seeking out new ways to create their utilitarian-styled clothing and accessories. 

And so we find ourselves coveting a mushroom. The Amadou hat is handmade from a single piece of ’shroom, utilising traditional Transylvanian techniques that only a handful of families in the area still practice. Amadou is a spongy substance derived from the fomes fomentarius mushroom, which is beaten and felted into a leather-like material. 

More conventional pieces round out the Spring/Summer 2021 collection, dropping soon.



eden power corp

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