Doublet’s ‘PLAMODEL’ mini series confuses and delights

Written by Adam Bryce


Japan fashion label, Doublet, mess with kid’s toys and make adults smile.

Margiela With A Smile; my new name for Doublet.

Even some of the best designers launch a collection to resounding ‘meh’. It looks good, familiar, even. But familiar in a snore-ish kinda way. Where’s the new, the different, the genius?

He has arrived.

Masayuki Ino launched his fashion label, Doublet, in 2012 after the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami disaster propelled him to switch things up. Things being “finding true happiness” (and providing it to his eager new legion of fashion fans).

Doublet was good.

In 2016, Ino won the Tokyo Fashion Award and then went on to scoop up the coveted LVMH Prize winner title in 2018. Fall/Winter 2020 sees Doublet present their ‘Plamodel’ collection to an awed audience. Think making a chair from discarded fishing nets is wild? This is wilder.

The mini series takes inspiration, in a very literal sense, from the plastic die-cut model sets that some of us enjoyed as kids (or adults, no judgement). There are a couple of sweatshirt variations and a tote bag, none of which need much explanation. Ino has nothing to declare but his genius.


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