Don’t Back Down! for Black Lives Matter

Written by Sara Black

Another day, another incredible creative iniative for a better world.

Mid-July 2020 brings about another incredible fundraiser for Black Lives Matter. Don’t Back Down! corrals a hugely talented lot of notable photographers who are selling limited-edition archival prints in the continued fight for racial justice.

“We want to show the power that artists/photographs have as a collective force. During these times we know it can be tough to see where our power as artists lay in making a difference and where we hold the most influence, so we thought creating a collective site to sell prints to raise money was the perfect solution.” — Don’t Back Down!

For just US$150, you’ll receive an iconic piece of art produced in collaboration with Contact Photo Lab, a black-owned photography laboratory, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to three American charities — Equal Justice Initiative, Inner City Arts and The Okra Project.

Not flush at the moment? No problem, as Don’t Back Down! intend to sell prints throughout the year with a changing roster of artists such as Jamel Shabazz and Danielle Levitt.



Jamel Shabazz

Jamel Shabazz.

Above: Danielle Levitt. Below: Merrick Morton.


Merrick Morton

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