DONATE: Artists supporting artists in Beirut

Donate and be in to win a work by an Antipodean artist to help a Beirut artist.


With the world in major distress, Beirut’s Lebanon port explosions pushed an already-economically compromised city into unfathomable depths of despair. Artists for Beirut is a new fundraising initiative with creative community at its heart. A benevolent group of Antipodean artists have donated work in the aid of raising funds for Studio Safar, Papercup and Jana Saleh — three key players in Beirut’s new wave of emerging talent.

Their studios were based in two of the city’s hardest-hit areas — Mar Mikhael and Gemmayzeh. With their working spaces, equipment, archives and, in one case, home, completely destroyed — these independents are in dire need of help to get back on their feet.

Donated goods to win include Carter’s Cookbook by Were Bros, 12 months’ supply of soap from Sphaera, a Misma Anaru handmade ceramic soap dish, a handmade bag by Marta Buda, a bowl by Walk In The Park, earrings by Seb Brown, a John Scott book by photographer David Straight and Comme Des Garçons parfum from Scotties Boutique. In addition, you’ll soon find works from Jaime Jenkins, Penny Sage, Baina, KLAY and more.

Follow the instructions, via Instagram here or head straight to the GoFundMe page below to donate.

artists for beirut
artists for beirut

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