Designer Simon James offers sage furniture to the people

Written by Sara Black

Photography by Toaki Okano

Simon James has released a new range of oak furniture and, word to the wise, I highly recommend a check out.

Simon James. If you don’t know the name or his work, do a google and enlighten yourself. A master of furniture design, owner of New Zealand showrooms, importer of great international pieces, and creative director and co-founder of Resident, James has been owning the industry big for 19 years now.

Not yet content with his already incredibly impressive CV, James has just released a new collection of storage pieces that will spark the biggest joy you’ve felt in your goddamn life. The range, entitled Sage, includes a four-drawer unit, six-drawer unit and sideboard — all available in oak mist, oak pure, smoked oak or black oak. Each suitable for the home or office, or your home office if that’s your situation these days.

If you’re in the market for potentially the most beautiful, highly considered, design-led, crafted-to-perfection furniture you’ve ever wished for — Simon James is your man.




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